Headshot Session Info & Prep

I allow you to use your photos without recourse- this is an industry courtesy. I would be so appreciative, however, if you would tell your friends and tag me on all your social media when you do upload one of our images.
Thank you in advance!


I will normally only schedule ONE client per day so that I can give everything I have to my clients and their experience. We will meet for your headshots, shoot your session, and you will pay the remaining amount for the number of looks you have chosen after your session. I go through each and every image before sending them to you via email.


You may pay via cash credit card, Venmo, Paypal (checks cannot be accepted, apologies for the inconvenience).


Retouching is $20 per image, with 2 PDF proofs. Basic retouching is recommended (‘pop’ the eyes/teeth, clear temporary blemishes and some stray hair/objects). Too much retouching and your headshot will not look just like you when you enter the audition room – this may even make the casting director/agent angry. Your headshot should always look just like you, flaws and all.

YOUR IMAGES WILL BE SENT TO YOU (via Wetransfer.com): – Within 3 working days of your session (M-Fr).
– All high resolution images from your shoot.
– Print Release (you may need this in order to print any of the images).

We will determine the evening prior to your shoot if the weather is not going to cooperate. If this is the case, we will decide on an alternate date at that time.



– Get plenty of rest the night prior to your shoot.
– NO alcoholic drinks the night prior to your shoot.
– NO extra salt or salty foods for several days prior to your shoot.
– Drink lots of good water for several days prior to your shoot.

– PLEASE exfoliate and tweeze up to 1 day prior to your shoot – Don’t forget to do this. THIS IS A MUST! Both men and women will have flakes on their images from dry skin that is very unflattering and almost impossible to completely retouch in a natural manner.

– Any waxing and new haircuts should be done 2-4 days prior to your shoot to give your skin and hair time to calm down.

MEN, shave if you want clean-shaven look, or bring your shaving accessories with you to shave between looks. I will provide the bathroom, but please be sweet and clean up after yourself.

– Moisturize after you exfoliate. Clean out the ‘sleep’ in your eye-corners just before your shoot. All flakes, eye boogers, nose hairs (both men and women!) are not pleasant to look at on a headshot…again, the least we have to retouch, the better!

– Nose hair. I won’t say anymore.
– Retouching is extra. Please please please prepare as much as possible. – Most of all, you should come to have FUN!


After reading the list below, please make very careful selections of outfits that you want in your 1 to 4 different outfits. Actors: Jeans are usually fine to wear with all your top choices, we are just getting head/chest/shoulders…UNLESS other pants/skirts make you feel better and more headshot-prepared. PLEASE make sure that your clothes are clean and free of wrinkles AND lint. PLEASE make sure that your clothes are clean and free of wrinkles AND lint. Yes, I know that I wrote it twice 😉 .


– Commercial shots (for commercials) – these are smiling-with-teeth images- more vibrant colors that look good on you and make you feel ‘fun,’ ‘approachable/friendly,’ and ‘confident.’ These will sell YOU so that you can sell whatever product is placed before you.
– Theatrical shots (for film/tv/theater) – the more dramatic/serious ones – are generally in more muted/darker colors. This is only a guideline, definitely not a rule.

Jewel tones work well for both types of shots. White and pastels are not good color choices, unless you are going for a certain look, which would be more of a PR look at at that point, not a working headshot.

Clothing options should accentuate your form to look its best: not loose/baggy, not overly tight, no stretching and/or revealing gaps. Women, no (or as little as possible) cleavage, pah-lease.


Crop top/Tank tops (women only, please)
Polo-type shirts
Professional look – suit/tie (mostly for adults)
Light and dark shades – Solid colors. No white shirts unless they will be layered underneath.
T- Shirt
Long or short sleeves button-down shirts
Sweaters with textures

NO busy patterns – this only looks unprofessional and takes away from YOU. NO logos, NO patterns, NO designs, NO rhinestones, broaches, etc… Headshots are to advertise YOU, not your clothing.

LAYERS are REALLY great looking. Don’t layer so much that someone cannot discern your body-type from your headshot.

JEWELRY – Earring studs ONLY. NO necklaces, bracelets, large fashion rings, watches, etc… Wedding rings are fine.

SHOES are not necessary unless they help you get into your character (see ‘Your Look/Type’).

EYEGLASSES – ***NOTE: IF USING EYEGLASSES PLEASE REMOVE LENSES if you can. If you ONLY wear eyeglasses on a constant basis and never ever use contacts or go without your glasses for auditions, you need to wear them in your headshot—OTHERWISE, NO GLASSES. SUGGESTION: go to the dollar store, or wherever, and find some that are similar to your own and pop out those lenses.

MODELS: Clothing that shows your form is preferred. Additionally, we do not do partial/full nudity here.

RULE: if you notice the article of clothing or accessory, then YOU will not be noticed in the shot and the casting director will just toss your headshot in the “NO” pile. The same goes for too much skin/cleavage…other than your face 😉 .

…and then there’s the ‘rules are made to be broken’ phrase…just be careful with this 😉



Please bring a powder in the color of your skin tone. You may not wear make-up, but one thing is for sure, you guys get shiny faces (and heads) and don’t even know it. Again, retouching is available, but it costs extra!

If you hired an MUA, your make-up/hair will begin PRIOR to your shoot time- please confirm this with your MUA and make sure I know if it will be done at my location 😉 . Please arrive at the shoot with a CLEAN, EXFOLIATED, AND MOISTURIZED face.

Make-up should be NATURAL and DEFINED. For females, this means ‘defined,’ but not necessarily more colors/coverage. Being able to see YOU through your defined brows, eyes, and lips is what we want to see…not make up colors.

For those who will do their own hair: have your HAIR THE WAY YOU NORMALLY WEAR IT, BUT STYLED NICELY. For actor headshots, you want your hair to be styled the way you will go to an audition (if called at the last minute – which is how this business works). Flyaways are bothersome in headshots. As much as I will try to keep your hair smooth and not have flyaways, I need your help with prep & styling beforehand, perhaps also bringing smoothing cream/gel and/or hair spray with you.

If you are doing your own make up/hair, please bring your own powder, lipstick, hair brush/comb, hair spray for touch ups.

MODELS: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Little to NO make-up is applied for model headshots. Please make sure you look your best with lots of water, rest, and clean/exfoliated/moisturized skin.


Determine what type or brand you are and practice that ‘look’ in the mirror. What do you want to convey to the agents/casting directors: Adventurous? Shy? Romantic? Or Adventurous-Romantic? There are hundreds of possibilities, but try to brand yourself for your headshots – it will give you a much better look and make your headshot more interesting than the others! Be prepared to somehow look different each time the camera clicks. It’s all about the sell. “But I’m not a salesperson, Jackie!’ If you want to be an actor, you have to be a salesperson – you are going to have to really focus on selling yourself (…get your mind out of the gutter!) ‘My agent is supposed to do that for me.’ Nope, you market yourself, no one is going to do it for you (unless you pay an ungodly amount of money to a PR firm!), especially if you don’t have an agent and are looking for one.

In what type of roles would a casting director cast you? – Answer that question truthfully, and then make a list of character-types. Determine what you are thinking when you get ‘that’ look…. Are you thinking about how ‘justice isn’t fair’ for that serious theatrical look that you want for civil service, lawyer, judge type roles? Are you thinking about that 1000 ft mountain that you have to repel when you have your ‘adventurous’ look? Are you thinking about your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse when you have your ‘romantic’ look? Are you thinking about what you can get away with at the party when you have your ‘mischievous’ look?

Ask your friends what you would be cast as. You will get a plethora of answers, but go with the top 2-3.

Get into character for your headshots, and prepare yourself to bring all of them to your shoot—they are your best friends for a headshot session. …Did I say practice these looks in the mirror?

****If you have a manager/agent, I HIGHLY recommend getting their input.****

COLOR WHEEL: Use it to determine your best complimentary colors for your eyes to pop- it will generally be the color that is directly opposite, or the same as, your eye color. Your shirt/top OR your background should be the opposing or same color to your eyes in order to make them POP. Use this in your everyday life as well, and look &feel great all the time! Most of all, wear what makes you feel GREAT.


*Directions to location.
*My phone number in case you are running late due to traffic or get lost: 657-205-7425.
*Cash or credit card for session balance (if applicable. Checks are not accepted at the time of your

shoot). If paying me cash, please bring exact amount, change will not be available.
*Make-Up Artist payment (if applicable. This payment must be separate from my payment.) If paying

the M/U Artist cash, please bring exact amount, change will not be available.
*Clothing options that are clean, pressed, and free of lint (Camera ready. Do NOT pack tightly in suitcase). … clean, pressed, and free of lint… 😉
*Snacks/drinks for low blood-sugar issues – session may run longer than anticipated.
*Practice in the mirror for the shots you want to portray, especially the commercial shot that should be smiling-with-teeth….not too much gum showing, if any, but still a *real* smile!

I am looking forward to your shoot! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Jackie Goldston
Actor, Photographer, Audition Taping Professional, Acting Coach.

Forsyth County, GA 657-205-7425

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