jackie u rocked it...big laugh! thank u.
- Frank Coraci, Blended.

...a committed, talented actress with superb comedic skills. She took the character of Blanche Wisenheimer and ran with it, bringing out both the nuances and satirical undertones, and developed the character utilizing both feedback and her own comedic instincts.
- R. Plotner, Seriously Distur6ed Studios

Jackie has a look that appeals to many, she comes across completely "put-together" sophisticated, and charming.
- Brent Brooks, Blank Stage Productions

Jackie Goldston, who played Meg, stole the show with her outstanding portrayal.
- Tim Glover, The Forsyth County News

One of my favorite characters was brought to life in an excellent performance by Jackie Goldston playing Meg....She had the audience laughing in their seats from the moment she was on stage...bounced about the stage with energy reminiscent of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, a pleasure to watch.

Jackie rules!
- Ruckus Skye, JoyBean Studios

Jackie is a treasure and a pleasure to work with. Prompt, professional and with good humor, she goes head first into the scene, offering plenty for the rest of the cast to feed from. She comes prepared but isn't afraid to wing it if asked to. I would almost regret casting her in such a small role were it not for the fact that she really led her scene, which might have otherwise turned out a little flat. She's not too hard on the eyes either. That with her confidence on stage make for a commanding performance.
- Jacob Thomas, Atomic Video

Jackie is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. extremely talented actress.
- G. Parsons, Eternal Light Films


  • Find Jackie on the FOX series, Shots Fired
  • Find her in the Warner Brothers film, Blended
  • She has been nominated for and won several Best Actress awards for her role in the independent film, Foreigner. The film is beginning its rounds on the festival circuit.
  • She has also been nominated for and won several Best Actress awards for her role in the independent film, group, in which she both produced and acted. The film is still on the festival circuit.

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Jackie Goldston | Actress